Offshore Fishing Reports

Great Charter Season

Want to thank everyone that fished with us this past year. We had a great year and can't wait for this year to get started.
January 20, 2016

Major refit on Jabez

This past July the boat came out of the water for a major refit. She got new motors, A/C's, Mezzanine seating, and Electronics. The work was finished up in October and we were able to get a few trips in before the new year came. Everything is working out perfect. We were able to make a great boat better.
January 20, 2016

Bahamas instead

Well we were supposed to be heading to the boatyard to get some new motors and a mezzanine installed but since the motors got delayed we will have to do the work this July. So we will be making a trip back to Harbor Island for a bout a month. We will return the first week of April and be ready to kick off our charter season in Charleston.
January 28, 2015

Booking up

Lots of returning customers is always great to see and our calendar is filling up fast. The sun and the fish can't get here soon enough. Ready to go catch some fish. Check out our Calendar and find a day to let us take you fishing.
January 15, 2015

Thanks Everyone

Its been a great year of fishing with friends again aboard the Jabez. Thanks for all the great memories and good times we had this year. Wishing everyone a great New Year and hope to see you all back on the water again.
December 28, 2014

April 13 2012

Back up to the Hole today. Fishing started out with a bang and had a dolphin in the boat by 7 am and a hand full of bonita and amberjack then it just quit for us. We didn't get another fish until after lunch. The tuna showed up chasing flying fish and the ocean just came alive for the afternoon. We ended up with 1 dolphin, 5 wahoo, and 6 Blackfin tuna.
April 26, 2012

April 1 2012

Decided to try something different and went south this morning to try and find some dolphin. Went way out first thing in the morning and couldn't find a thing. We fished until just before lunch without a bite. Finally after trolling back inshore for the a while we found a weed line and some hungry fishes. Caught fish pretty hard for the next 2-3 hours and ended the day with 22 dolphin in the box, several released, a nice wahoo, a king and our first barracuda for the year.
April 01, 2012

March 20 2012

Fished up at the Georgetown Hole again today. Fishing wasn't as red hot as last saturday but we still had some nice fish. We caught 5 wahoo, 6 Blackfin tuna, and the usual mess of amberjacks and bonitas. The weather was once again flat calm. Incredible weather for March.
March 20, 2012

March 17 2012

Our first trip for the season was blessed with a flat calm ocean and some hungry fish. We went to the Georgetown Hole and once we put lines in we didn't stop catch ing fish all day. We caught 13 Blackfin tuna, 11 wahoo, 3 dolphin, and a bunch of bonita and amberjacks. The bites wahoo was in the 60lb range and we had a couple more in the 50 lb range. One of the dolphin was mid 30's and the tuna were decent sized but nothing large. Fish box was compression loaded full and we headed home. Perfect way to start our fishing off!
March 17, 2012


We have made it back from our trip to Va Beach. Hurricane Irene came through and tried her best to mess us up but we were able still able to catch a few fish. The white marlin weren't as thick as they had been in the last two years but still a bunch around. Our best catch for the trip was 12 white marlin and a swordfish. We had a couple other trips where we caught 3-7 fish each. It was a good trip but glad to be home.
October 11, 2011

May 12 2011

Did a little different trip today. We had a half day and went out to the buoys on the shipping channel to look for some cobia. We searched for fish on almost all the buoys and didn't see any. Finally got up to one and saw 4 cobia swimming around it. We hooked one but it got off and the rest were nowhere to be found. Went looking some more and still nothing then back to the same buoy and there were 3 more back on it again. We caught one this time and went back and caught another. Successful day of cobia fishing with a 44 and 52 pound fish.
May 15, 2011

May 14 2011

Went up to the Georgetown Hole today looking for some tunas. We had a really slow start with just a couple dolphin and some amberjacks and bonita. It was looking like we were going to have a really bad day. The fish finally started biting around 1230. We caught a white marlin, 10 dolphin, a wahoo, and 6 nice tunas in the last two hours of fishing to end with a great day.
May 14, 2011

May 13 2011

Fishing was great today. We steadily caught fish all day long. Had a mixture of tuna, dolphin, wahoo, king mackerel, white marlin, and wahoo for the day. Good weather and a great day of fishing.
May 13, 2011

April 23 2010

Went back up to the Georgetown hole again today. Started out with a bang getting 3 blackfins in the boat in the first few minutes. Then things slowed down for a while. We picked at a couple here and there and a got a wahoo also. The afternoon bite really turned on for us when the tunas started chasing flying fish all around the boat. We had flying fish bouncing off the boat and getting eaten by tunas all around us. We ended up catching a wahoo and 13 balckfins.
April 23, 2011

April 22 2010

Our first trip of the year turned out to be great. The ocean was flat calm and the fish were biting. We went to the Georgetown hole and had two blackfin tuna in the first 5 minutes fo fishing. They continued to bite through out the day. We found a school of wahoo and were able to catch 7 of them real quick. We missed quite a few also. They were on our teasers and every line out. Finished the day with 16 blackfins and 7 wahoo. What a way to start the charter season!
April 22, 2010

First trip of 2011 season

Went to the Georgetown Hole on a nice calm ocean. The fish were biting as soon as we got there. We had four lines in and caught three dolphin and a blackfin tuna. After that the action slowed to a steady pace. We ended up with 15 Blackfins, 3 dolphin, 1 wahoo, 1 baracuda, and 2 bluefish. Not a bad way to start the season off.
April 22, 2010

Back from the Bahamas and ready to charter fish

Made it back from two months in San Salvador. The fishing was great. the weather could have been a bit better but all in all it wasnt too bad. We caught several tuna, dolphin, and wahoo. Personal best on wahoo was a 120lber we caught on our last day of fishing. We also caught several in the 70-90 lb range. Most of our tunas were small but we did have ine nice fish that was around 85lbs. Another highlight of the trip was the locals. they were the nicest people I have met in the Bahamas. Back home now and ready to charter fish.
March 29, 2010

Fishing in San Salvador

Fishing has been great down here. We have caught plenty of tuna, dolphin, and wahoo. We have also caught a few sailfish. Some of the highlights so far are a 80lb wahoo, 90 lb wahoo, and a 85lb tuna. Fishing some more this week and hope to get some more nice fish.
March 10, 2010

The Bahamas Feb-Mar 2010

We are going to spend two months in San Salvador Bahamas this winter. Looking foward to getting into some warmer weather and some good fishing. We will be back around the end of March or first of April for the Charleston charter season.
January 27, 2010


Went back to where we were yesterday. The edge that we had fished the day before had moved a bit south. Found it around the 650 line in 250 feet of water. Was a blue/green edge with weeds in it. Caught a sailfish and had a good catch of dolphins. Had a right nice one @40 lbs. Glad that the fishing has picked up a bit since last week. Going again tomorrow. Ben
June 18, 2009


Started on a blue/green color change with weeds in it this morning. Had six fish on before all the lines were in the water. Fshing was pretty good for the better half of the day.The edge was in 250 feet ont he 570 line. Fished a 2 milestrip back and forth there until noon. We then pushed off to find somethin differnet. Wefound it al right 4 baracudas and a couple mor edolphin. Ckeaned 34 dolphin and released several others. Got very lucky and found these fish this am. Makes up for some of the slow days. Ben
June 17, 2009

6-12-09, 6-13-09, and 6-16-09

6-12: Wnet way down south and put lines in around 250 feet on the 650 line. Made it down to the middle 700's and out to 450 feet. Fished the blue/ green color edge and a few small weedlines. Dolphin fishing was great. Caught about 40. Most of them were small and wwe released alot. had a few cut offs and missed a sail fish. 6-13: Wanted to try somethign different this morning and went up to the G T Hole. Got an early start but didnt get any bites until after the sun came up. Fishing was great for AJ's and bonitas. Unfortunately the other fish werenty biting so great. We caught 3 dolphin, 2 BFT's, a sailfish, and a kingfish. 6-16: Went a little north tis morning and put line in on the 200 line just inshore of the ledge. Made it to the ledge and trolled there for a while. the fish were makring pretty good but I didnt get very many bites. A really small dolphin (10 inches) released and some AJ's. Had a nice bite that opened up a big hole under the long rigger and began to peel line off the reel. Ha dto clear lines and persue the lunker. After just over an hour and about a mile of backing down we finally saw it for the first time. It was a Manta Ray with a wing span wider then the beam of the boat. Was a first for me. Water was awful green and hard to see in. Pushed further out and caught a sailfish in about 270 feet. Missed a second one as well. Fished out to about 450 foot and did some deep dropping. Caught 3 nice snowies, a bonits and some AJ's. Back to trolling and got 3 more dolphin and a wahoo. Nice day on the water. Here is a shot of the sailfish and the manta ray. Hard to see into the green water but two white things are his horns and you can see the outline of his body.
June 16, 2009


Put lines in on the375 line just inshore of the ledge. Water looked great but seems the fish didnt think so. Caught one dolphin inshore of the ledge then picked at em for the rest of the day. Best of it seemed to ber in about 260-300 feet. There were several edges with big mats of grass. SOme had fish onthem but a lot of them were vacant. Worked out to about 500 and down to the 550 line then back into the ledge around the 450 line. Did a little bottom fishing to end the day and caught a few Jacks, Beeliners, and silvers. Not the best bottom bite, but a great day none the less. At it again tomorrow. Ben
June 11, 2009

June 10 2009

Headed down south this morning. Put lines in around 300 feet in the middle 600's. Fishing was slowe for us. We caught a few dolphin as we pushed out to 500 feet of water. Marked several good bait marks but nothign on them but a bonita. Did some bottom fishing in 300 feet of water. We caught a few snowies, a scamp, a kitty mitchell, and soem jacks. Back to trolling and caught some more dolphin on some scattered grass. Had a school of 40-50 dolphin behind the boat, but they had lock jaw. They wouldnt hit cut squid or anyhitng. Came back into the ledge in the middle 500's but not much marking there. Came further back inshore around 90 feet and caughtg some Reds, bass, vermillions, and silvers. Glad to finally be back fishing after our engine repairs. Ben
June 10, 2009


Got an early start and headed up to the GT Hole. Had lines in by 540 and 3 BFT and 5 dolphin in the boat by 6. Caught 1 more BFT and a good catch of dolphin throughout the day. Water and conditions were great at the hole although I didnt mark much bait. I left the hole around 8 and trolled south. The water really got lively just offfshore of the SW banks in about 400'. Nice deep blue water with plenty of flying fish and scattered grass. Plenty of dolphin mixed in there too. Doing it al again once the weather decides to let us go. Ben
May 17, 2009


Started in the mid 300's inshore of the ledge @ 130 feet. Water was jade green and aboput 73 degrees. Fish were biting though. Caught a BFT and some dolphin before we got to the ledge. Trolled SW down the ledge to the 650's. Picked at the dolphin all the way down. Also caught another BFT, 1 AJ, 1 Cuda (was a great teaser bite!!), 2 bonitas, 6 BLuefish, and 4 king Macs. Water looked terrible and the current was pushing all the pretty blue water offshore at a rapid pace. Hope it copmes back soon. Ben
May 07, 2009


Went way down south this morning. Started just inshore of the deli. Saw a really nice rip with weeds, birds, debris, and all kinds of stuff in it. Got a really nice wahoo (50ish lbs.) to start our day. Followed by myriads of dolphin. All of the dolphin you coudl stand. Most of our action was right on the 50 fathom curve. Although on our way in we passsed a huge weedline in 225 feet. I think that we caguth around 70 dolphin. We released moer then we kept. A great day on the ocaen. Going agin in the am. Ben
May 01, 2009


Headed down south this am. Put lines in around 450 feet on the 666 line. Trolled offshore for half the day. Made it all the way to the 45020 line @1800 ffet. Picked at the dolphin all the way out. Nothign spectacular to fish on though. Trolled back inshore and to the north. Picked at the dolphin all the way into the ledge. Had a pair of White marlin come in on the teaser. They were around 1600 feet. a very spetacular sight. I coudl see them coming in from the side liek a bull dolphin. They came in on the teaser and faded to the flat and short riggers. They were both hooke dup very breifly as they both pulled soem drag and then got away. Great weather and good fishing. Doing it all again tomorrow.
April 30, 2009


Started on the 600 line in about 400 feet. Pushed out to the the 100 fathom curve and trolled NE up the curve. Picked at mid size dolphin and missed a shot at a blue marlin. The water in 300 was 75ish then started to drop. Got to like 73 around 600 and went back up agian on a rip that was about 1600. Plenty of dolphin on that rip. Lots of bait on the surface today the water was dark blue and looked great. Looks like the fishing season has arrived in full force. Ended up with 18 dolphin, a missed blue marlin, and saw another blue marlin that never took a shot at a bait. Not going again til later this week. Ben
April 25, 2009


Went to G-Town this morning. Not much to be found by me. Very little bait marking, no flying fish, no birds, and slow action. Caught 3 dolphin and 3 BFT's. Had enuff of that and went bottom fishing. Caught our limit of Snowy groupers just south of the hole. We were fishign about 400 feet for them. On my way in I passed a comercial baot fishign the ledge slap inthe middle of the Edisto MPA. I thought that the MPA's had gone into effect already. Oh well. Going again tomorrow. Gonna try to get some of the southern water dolphins. Ben
April 24, 2009


Went back down south again this mornign to look for the dolphin that I caught yesterday. Made it all the way out to 1600 and no sign of them. We caught 5 small dolphin trolling and that was all we saw. Packed up the trolling stuff about noon and tried some of the bottom I had marked out in 250-300 feet. Nothing much there either. A few silvers and a shorty scamp. Came into the ledge for the last hour and anchored up. Finally found some good fish. We caught several Beeliners, 5 keeper ARS, and the daymaker 48.5lbs warsaw. Congrats to all the boats that did well trolling. I couldnt get my trolling mojo going.
April 19, 2009


Went down south this am. Stopped around 600 feet on the 600 line. The temp started to climb from 68-76 eventually. The edge was gradual. There were tons of flying fish and lots of current. The fishing was good, but nothing big. We caught 21 dolphin all between 5-15 pounds.Bait of choice was an islander tracker, black and blue with the flashy stuff on it. The ocean looked really good with the flying fish and birds. Hopefully a good sign for things to come. Back at ti again tomorrow. Oh and we stopped and caught a few seabass before comign home. Ben
April 18, 2009

Jabez in the Bahamas March 09

We spent 3 weeks in Harbor Island , then went Nassau for a week before returning home last Monday. Hopefully the good fishing down there is a good sign for this season to come here. There were plenty of dolphin and tuna. I didnt catch very many wahoo, but the other fishing was great. The scattered grass was terrible. Some days fishing was just impossible, but when you could go more then a couple of hundred yards without getting weeded up you coudl catch some fish. Best fish for Harbor Island was a tuna that was about 100lbs. I wasnt going to weigh the fish but after some dock talk I just had to. The carcas was 36lbs and each loin was 15. The sharks are bad as ever there, taking many fish from us. When we were in Nassau we ran the pocket once and Hole in the wall twice. Caught a small Blue Marlin in the pocket and tons of dolphin. Hole in the wall offered some decent wahoo fishing. 5 one day none very big though. Missed a small white and did a litle jigging one day that gave us some snapper and grouper. A very good trip, but as always glad to be home. Ready to get the charter season started.
March 25, 2009

March 13, 2005

On Saturday, Jabez and a handfull of other boats headed offshore looking for warm water and fish. They found a hard edge with a large temp. break and small waves on one side and large waves on the other side. v

Jabez landed 12 dolphin, had several wahoo strikes and one sailfish strike. Considering the rough conditions the crew was happy to come home with a good catch.

Book your trips now!!! Dates are filling up fast.

March 16, 2009

Bottom fishing photo gallery

Just noticed Brian Carroll with Marine Marketing posted a new fishing gallery - Bottom Fishing aboard the Jabez. Looks like some good stuff. You can see it all at this link:
January 27, 2009


Got to post quick as I am late for birthday party. Went down south and started around the 650 line in 75 feet of water. Caght plenty of seabass and silver snapper. Had a hard time getting any big fish to bite today. We caught a short scamp and a gag @15lbs. Lots of small rudder fish and some other odds and ends. Oh dont forget the sharpnose. A few of them and a few throw back Reds. The weather finally layed out to slick calm this evening and we had a great ride in
January 17, 2009


Finally back home. We were in Va for about 2 months and then went to the boat yard for some work. Left Morehead around 8am and came home on a nice ocean. Saw a nice mark of fish about 30 miles from the Jettys and had to try it. We jigged for about 20 minutes and kept 12 seabass and one trigger fish. All of the bass were over 16 inches with the largest being 22.5 inches. Released 2 small gags, a sharpnose, and a handful of other smaller seabass. Mae it back to the rocks to find some nice thick fog. Glad the radar was working. Nice to be home and look foward to fishing this year. Hopefully the fuel will stay down so we can adjust our prices. The fish are biting and the boat is back so call me and lets go catch em.
January 03, 2009

June 6, 2005

The Hilton was a great tournament. A new state record was caught and the Jabez finished second in the tournament and first in conservation with the release of two blue marlin. Many times we had to run away from the meat fish. A good time was had by all.
June 07, 2005

may 11, 2005

took a hard right out of the jetties today and ran a 170 down to the 600 line started fishing on the ledge and picked up a wahoo and a yellow fin tuna. went out to 230 ft. and got into the dolphin bite. caught 20 fair size dolphin fish. had to pick up and run away from them.
May 11, 2005

May 7, 2005

Today we took a right turn out of the rocks and headed south. Fished out to 700 ft. Dolphin bite is finally here. Ended the day with 26 dolphins and a nice wahoo. Also released 5 dolphins.
May 07, 2005

May 4, 2005

We headed north today with just about everyone else in the fleet. the tuna fishing is starting to tapper off but we managed to hook into 1 tuna and 1 dolphin. the billfish and dolphin are starting to show up. we saw 1 sail fish in our spread but couldnt get hm to eat anyhting.
May 05, 2005

April 9 2005

Struck out this morning about 5:30 a.m. went north to the 020 line. it was a rough ride out and even rougher ride in. turns out the fish are finaly here. ended up with 7 tunas and 1 king mackeral. no one was out there with us expect for jamie on the patriot. he had a 3/4 day and caught some wahoos.
April 09, 2005

fishing reel on boat
Description: The Greater Amberjack has a dark stripe (variably present) which extends from nose to in front of dorsal fin and "lights up" when fish is in feeding mode; no scutes; soft dorsal base less than twice the length of the anal fin base.
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Description: The body of the Atlantic Bonito is typical tunny in shape, with numerous (up to 10) stripes on the back. No belly markings. The dorsal stripes are oblique with a large angle.
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Description: A flashy and aggressive fighter, the Barracuda is often called the Tiger of the Sea. The preferred habitat is high-profile bottom such as reefs and wrecks. Barracuda are pike-like fishes, elongated and slender with long jaws and protruding, razor-sharp teeth. The body is colored silver overall, with dark green to gray along the back. Blotches on the lower sides are variable in number, size, and position. The species reaches a length of 6 feet and a weight slightly greater than 100 pounds. In the more southern part of the range, the flesh, particularly of larger fish, is considered toxic, being associated with fish poisoning, or ciguatera.
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Description: The body of the yellowfin tuna tapers at both ends (cigar-shaped), and the head is conical. The color is dark brownish blue to dark yellow on the back becoming gray or whitish below. Identifying tunas can be difficult, especially when yellowfin and bigeye tuna are involved. In most cases, the length of the pectoral fins can distinguish each species. The yellowfin has pectoral fins which do not extend past the anal fin; while in bigeye, the pectoral fins extend well past the anal fin. Tuna which cannot be distinguished by external characteristics can be positively identified by liver characteristics. The surface of a yellowfin's liver is smooth while the liver of the bigeye is striated, containing many with small blood vessels along the trailing edge.
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Description: The Blackfin Tuna is one of the smaller tunas, averaging about 10 pounds with a maximum weight.
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Description: The Dolphin is bright greenish blue above, yellow on sides, with capability of flashing purple, chartreuse, and a wide range of other colors; body tapers sharply from head to tail; irregular blue or golden blotches scattered over sides; anterior profile of head on adult males is nearly vertical; head of females more sloping; the single dark dorsal fin extends from just behind the head to the tail; anal fin margin concave and extending from anus to tail.
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Description: The color of the Sailfish is dark blue on top, brown-blue laterally, silvery white underbelly; upper jaw elongated in form of spear; first dorsal greatly enlarged in the form of a sail, with many black spots, its front squared off, highest at its midpoint; pelvic fins very narrow, reaching almost to the anus; body covered with embedded scales, blunt at end; lateral line curved above pectoral, then straight to base of tail.
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Description: The color of the Blue Marlin is cobalt blue on top shading to silvery white on bottom; upper jaw elongated in form of spear; dorsal fin pointed at front end; pectoral fin and anal fin pointed; lateral line reticulated (interwoven like a net), difficult to see in large specimens; no dark spots on dorsal fin; body covered with embedded scales ending in one or two sharp points.
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Description: The color of the body of the White Marlin is dark blue to chocolate brown, shading to silvery white underbelly; noticeable spots on dorsal fin; upper jaw elongated in shape of spear; body covered with embedded scales with a single sharp point; tips of first dorsal, pectoral, and first anal fins rounded; lateral line curved above pectoral fin, then going in straight line to base of tail.
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Description: The color of the back of the King Mackeral is iridescent bluish green; sides silvery, streamlined body with tapered head; no black pigment on front of dorsal fin; lateral line starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin; young fish often have yellow spots like those of the Spanish mackeral.
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Description: The Wahoo is a long slender-bodied fish with long, heavily toothed jaws that form a beaklike snout. It is a predatory fish and it's flat-sided razor-sharp teeth allow it to rip into schools of squid and baitfish.
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